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Product Substitutions and Out of Stock ItemsUpdated 4 months ago

On rare occasions - an unexpected surge in demand for a particular product can lead to it becoming temporarily out of stock. If this happens to a product that you have ordered, we will substitute that item with another related product. If this happens, only products deemed highly suitable as a replacement will be selected. If no such suitable product is available we will then "*short pack" your order. In such an event we will always endeavour to notify you in advance via email.

*Short Packing - this is where an item you have ordered has become unavailable, and no suitable substitute has been identified. In this instance the product will be left out of your order and you will be notified by email and via a note in your delivery box. A refund for the missing item will be automatically issued.

Please be advised that refunds will normally take up to 10 working days to appear back in your account.

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